Triple Box Pop Up Card

Whale Done 1

This is my first triple box pop up card.  I have seen several versions on line and most need to have a larger envelope or a custom envelope. I created this one so it could fit in a medium stampin up envelope.  I have images and measurement below.

Whale Done 2

Whale Done 3

Whale Done 4

Whale Done 5

Whale Done 6

Here is the PDF for the measurements  Tripple Pop Up Box Card

Whale Done 7

Whale Done 8

Whale Done 9

2 thoughts on “Triple Box Pop Up Card

  1. Thank you for these measurements. I’ve made 2 of these cards and love both of them but 1 requires a special envelope and the other is less than 2″ squares so hard to find sentiments, etc that fit. This is a great size!

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